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Nestlé reveals new names of Australian confectionery brands

Allen's Red Skins and Chicos, "racist shades that are not in step with the company's values"

Nestlé has renamed its Allen's Red Skins and Chicos lollipops to Red Ripper and Cheekies, in response to "shades that are out of step with the company's values." The brand's products underwent overhaul over the summer after the company decided to change the names in the wake of protests against systemic racism.
Red Skins, a chewy raspberry-flavored lollipop, is an offensive term for Native Americans and First Nations Canadians. Likewise, Chicos, a jelly-like chocolate-flavored dessert, can be an offensive term for people of Latin American descent.

Product packages with the new names will appear on Australian shelves in early 2021. Nestlé Confectionery General Manager Chris O'Donnell said: "We hope Australians support the evolution of these two beloved lollipops. although the names are new, the lollipops remain unchanged. The changes made on the packaging will be few and simple so that lovers of lollipops can easily locate their favorites on the shelves. "

Nestlé's announcement follows the operation carried out by Mars Food, which changed the brand of Uncle Ben to Ben's Original (see EFA News article of 23-9-20 ) ; while the German food brand of Unilever Knorr has changed the name of its Zigeunersauce or "gypsy sauce" to "Hungarian-style paprika sauce". Mars Food's choice is a response to protests against systemic racism around the world. Since the brand was introduced to the market in the 1940s, the packaging of the product has always featured an elderly African American man, sometimes dressed in a bow tie, an image that has been criticized for evoking "servitude". The new Ben's Original packaging will also be launched in 2021.

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