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Ferrero and Ilo in Turkey, to fight child labor in the hazelnut harvest

40 months of project and a contribution of over 4 million dollars

Ferrero supports Ilo (International Labor Organization) in the implementation of a project in Turkey, lasting 40 months, to contribute to the elimination of the worst forms of child labor in seasonal agriculture of hazelnut harvesting. As we celebrate World Children's Day and the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child today, Ilo and Ferrero confirm their commitment to eliminate child labor. Thanks to Ferrero's contribution of over 4 million dollars, the Organization will carry out a multi-year project active in 3 Turkish provinces (Trabzon, Zonguldak and Şanlıurfa), aimed at supporting the exit of children who currently work in the sector and to prevent others from enter it.

The project will work with the three components of ILO (the Organization is a tripartite agency formed by governments, workers' organizations and employers) to support knowledge sharing in order to tackle child labor, particularly in the hazelnut supply chain. , and to maximize learning opportunities. Numan Özcan, director of the Ilo office for Turkey, said that thanks to this partnership, they will be able to expand their operation and cover all hazelnut harvesting areas in Turkey. He added "I'm sure the project will be a concrete example of a partnership between a global private sector player, Ferrero, and Ilo, which implements best practices in Turkey and shares knowledge and lessons learned with global impact"

"This project builds on what has been done since 2013 through our active participation in the public-private collaboration between Ilo and Caobisco and supports the actions that we will take next year towards our goal of being a driving force of the entire hazelnut industry. , creating value shared by all ", says Marco Gonçalves, Ferrero chief procurement & hazelnut company officer.

According to the Child Labor Force 2019 Survey, drawn up by the Turkish Statistical Institute (Turkstat), 720,000 children between the ages of 5 and 17, or 4.4% of the total child population in Turkey, were engaged in economic activities. Of these, 30.8% were engaged in agricultural sector activities. Working children are exposed to risks that can lead to chronic health problems throughout their lives. Furthermore, the children of seasonal agricultural workers are more likely to have their education process disrupted, and such disruptions can strengthen the creation of an unskilled workforce, resulting in perpetuating poverty.

Ilo has been providing technical support since 2012 and implementing projects aimed at eliminating child labor in seasonal agriculture in Turkey, in particular in the hazelnut sector, through forms of public-private partnerships, in collaboration with the Ministry of Family, Labor and Services social (MoFlss). At the beginning of 2021, Ferrero will release its Hazelnut Charter relating to hazelnuts in line with its supplier code. This “Charter” will define Ferrero's commitments in three areas: human rights and social practices, environmental protection and supplier sustainability and transparency. Ferrero is committed to an ethical and sustainable hazelnut supply chain and makes an active and dedicated contribution to this.

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