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Balsamic vinegar: consortia allied alliances to strengthen supervision and protection

Intense shared control activity to combat fake Modena's black gold

The data relating to the safeguarding and surveillance activities carried out by the Consortium for the protection of Calsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP give an idea of the phenomenon of counterfeiting and evocation that affects the "Black Gold sector" of Modena: almost a thousand on-site checks; check 45 e-commerce platforms from around the world online and over 6,000 advertisements analyzed every month referring to over 2,000 sellers. Check about 2,000 certified product labels and more than 1,000 processed products. Fifteen ex officio procedures activated at EU level through the ICQRF, of which 5 relating to the United Kingdom, 3 in Denmark and Sweden, 2 in Italy and 2 between France and Germany.

The phenomenon of imitations and evocations of this product is evidently increasingly widespread and is in line with the growing trend of the fake market referring to Dop and PGI products. The protection consortia, in their role as guardians of the value of authenticity, are pushed to innovate more and more supervisory strategies and to broaden their operational scope. An initiative launched some years ago is that of the so-called "collective monitoring", a joint project, supported by Mipaaf, which involves some of the most important Italian consortia in the joint performance of on-site monitoring activities in various European markets.

To address this growing complexity, the Consortia for the protection of balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, and traditional Modena PDO, take a further and more decisive step by signing an agreement which defines the joint performance of the supervisory activity through a new supervisory agent which will play its role for both Consortia. The presidents Mariangela Grosoli for the Igp and Enrico Corsini for the PDO will present an annual program to the central inspectorate for quality protection and repression of fraud in which the supervisory objectives, strategies and operational criteria are shared.

Corsini, also president of the coordination committee of the two Consortia after the agreement signed a year ago, explains: "The consultation between the two Consortia, especially after having formalized with the signing of the protocol a pre-existing collaboration for promotion, training and information, for a year it has been decidedly stronger and more profitable; however the stipulation of this convention for supervisory activity represents an extra step in the name of unity of purpose, a practical action that we are sure will bring us greater the protection of the Modena balsamic vinegar product".

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