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Kellogg and Banco Alimentare: 800,000 meals for 150,000 people in difficulty

"Food collection 2020", the historic partnership in Italy is renewed

Kellogg Company renews its multi-year partnership with the Italian Banco Alimentare Onlus foundation. It does so on the occasion of the "Food collection", which started on November 21 and which will last until December 8, this year completely renewed in the format to meet the needs dictated by the Covid-19 emergency but not in the objective, namely that to recover food products to be distributed to charitable structures that offer meals or food packages to people in difficulty.

With the company's contribution, 800,000 meals can be distributed to 150,000 people in difficulty, including 60,000 children. In addition, the non-profit organization will be able to face increasingly higher costs of warehouse, transport and handling of food due to an increase in the collection of food surpluses. Support that is not taken for granted because, if not adequately supported, the distribution chain risks breaking. Kellogg will support the donation with an awareness campaign on its social channels on the occasion of the "Food Collection 2020", aimed at underlining the importance of giving one's contribution to the most needy.

Caritas data show that this year, the number of new people who turned to listening centers and services of diocesan caritas grew by + 114% compared to the period before the health emergency. Consequently, the requests for help received by Banco Alimentare have increased by 40% this year. From January to October 2020, 76,246 tons of food were donated, helping more than 2 million people.

Giuseppe Riccardi , general manager of Kellogg Italia, comments: "In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year we felt the need to double our support for Banco Alimentare and the precious and indispensable work that volunteers carry out every day. For this reason, in the first 9 months of the year, we donated over 4 million portions of food products, equal to 127 tons of food, to the non-profit organization with which we renewed the partnership for the months to come and which we will support by donating other meals and economic resources to support the distribution system throughout the national territory".

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