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Israel opens up to parallel imports of alcoholic beverages

To reduce costs, go ahead not only from the country of origin or production. Wine excluded from the measure

The Israeli Ministry of Economy opens the market for alcoholic beverages with parallel importation from all countries of the world and not only from that of origin or production. According to Israeli importers in the sector, currently the prices of alcoholic beverages to the consumer, through exclusive import, are on average about 55% higher than the cost of sale in Europe. The opening of the Israeli market to parallel imports, in the hopes of the Israeli economy minister, will lead to a lowering of consumer prices. "This move will increase the range of products available and lead to competition in the market for the same product, generating a reduction in retail prices by tens of percentage points", said the head of the department yesterday.

The new measure, which does not include wine, should also allow the import of alcoholic beverages from countries currently without direct import. In any case, in order to protect public health, the products will be subjected to laboratory tests to compare them with the same products imported directly from the producing country. "There is no reason for Israeli consumers to pay a much higher price for a product whose worldwide cost is tens of percentage points lower", said David Leffler, Director General of the Ministry of Economy. Israeli.

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