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Balsamic of Modena: today the assembly of the members of the Consortium

The importance of the results obtained for the protection and promotion of the product

This morning the shareholders' meeting of the consortium for the protection of balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP was held, which hosted the institutional interventions of the MEP, member of the agriculture commission of the European parliament Paolo De Castro, of the director of OrIGin International Massimo Vittori, of the head of the Icqrf Felice Assenza department, of Mauro Rosati, general manager of Qualivita and OrigIn Italia, of Piero Bonato general manager of Csqa, of the general manager for the promotion of agri-food quality and horse racing of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies Oreste Gerini and also of the Enrico Corsini, president of the consortium for the protection of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena Dop. What emerged from the interventions is the success of the results achieved to date by the Consortium itself, both for the active and proactive participation, and in terms of strategic promotion for the enhancement of Italian PDOs and Igs and for the protection also in the field international.

The Honorable De Castro, underlined how important it is to use community regulations well: "The regulation on quality and evocations has allowed a first important point in favor of balsamic vinegar of Modena, a work of protection done with the director Federico Desimoni and with my staff in Brussels which today allows us to be better protected. The importance of certified Italian products in Europe grows and they envy us abroad, they try to erode slices of the market that we have conquered with the effort of our producers, with the quality of the products resulting from the culture and tradition of the territories of origin". In highlighting how important it is to make good use of EU regulations, De Castro concluded: "We must ensure that the consortia are increasingly strong and cohesive to manage the protection battle together and to support certified products within the market. We need organizational capacity capable of managing the offer, the omnibus regulation comes to our aid and with the Ocm we will try to reinforce the current structures, from the management of the protection to the placing of the product on the market".

The president of the Consortium Mariangela Grosoli, said that, despite a particularly complex year, the Consortium continued the strategic planning of important projects aimed at promoting and protecting the product, working closely with all entities and institutions. which add value to the world of Ig. "When the market is ready to restart there will be many more opportunities and we will restart stronger than before", says Grosoli. In his speech, Assenza, guaranteed a priori support for the Consortium's actions, confirming its full availability to support it in the many ongoing initiatives and more generally in the fight against the world of fake.Collaboration with institutions also underlined by the director of the vinegar Consortium balsamic of Modena, Federico Desimoni: "The presence at this consortium event of important representatives of institutions and the world of associations at national, EU and international level underlines the importance of choral and coordinated action, collaboration and mutual support between the public sector and private, between individual consortia and their associations. We believe that these coordinates represent the founding values both of our consortium action and of the entire world of DOP and IGP products".

During the meeting, the Consortium's projects for the near future were also presented, starting with the "Digital passport of the ABM" (see article EFA News of 28-10-12 ), or the authenticity mark for the certification of bottles in collaboration with CSQA and Poligrafico and Mint of the State. At the same time, the details of the revolving pledge were also introduced in collaboration with the Credit Agricole bank and reflections and proposals were formulated about the segmentation system for balsamic vinegar of Modena.

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