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Italians to support the world of beer and Ho.Re.Ca

Over half use take away to buy it, according to Cib's results

The beer information center (Cib) branded AssoBirra, reveals the complete and updated photograph of the changes taking place in the Italian beer sector. Cib is the appointment with the live story of how the world of beer is changing, made possible thanks listening of multiple voices: that of Italians, brands of sector, the supply chain and AssoBirra, in collaboration with the company of market research Bva Doxa.

The study shows that coexistence with the pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the consumption habits of Italians. Also in relation to the consumption of beer (for 44% of the interviewees) and above all for what concerns the out-of-home (for 75% of the total sample). The data from the Fipe study center reveal that the losses for the thousands of made in Italy companies of the horeca could reach over 33 billion euros by the end of 2020. Although the supermarket remains the chosen place of purchase of this meal drink (87%), the percentage of Italians who bought beer at any point of sale near home is growing (23%), from small neighborhood shops (15%), from trusted bars (11%) or from ever-changing restaurants (10 %). In line with the values recorded during the first lockdown, however, the percentage of online purchases through e-commerce sites of the main distribution chains but also of small producers, which stands at 10%.

52% of Italians respond that they have bought take-away beer in recent months. For over 9 out of 10 compatriots, this is a concrete action to support local realities, even and above all the smallest ones, struggling with a real débâcle. 53% had to reorganize their business with home deliveries while 66% limited themselves to following the closing times indicated by the Covid-19 emergency measures. 5%, however, unfortunately closed definitively. Andrea Bagnolini, general manager of AssoBirra: “In view of Christmas, the research once again returns the image of beer as a synonym of conviviality. In fact, 60% of Italians consider it important to give beer for the holidays".

The support of Italians for the beer world is not enough to cushion the repercussions that the entire supply chain is suffering due to the ongoing health crisis. In fact, the hotel and spa sector pay the most expensive price. "In view of our great effort and commitment to offer the (few) guests the possibility of a safe stay in full compliance with the established rules and strict security protocols, we have nevertheless recorded a loss in turnover which at the end of the year will have been of over 80% of the 2019 results. Yet economic aid has been arranged that will cover less than 10% of the total shortfall. Sectors similar to ours in other European countries have already received aid in the form of liquidity that can cover up to 70% of the losses; a vulnerability that the sector risks carrying on its shoulders also in the next few years when, upon recovery, it will have to return to compete on international markets”, comments Barbara Maria Casillo , general manager of Confindustria Alberghi.

The sector estimates a gradual restart not before the second half of 2021, with more substantial and significant numbers arriving only in 2022. During 2020, AssoBirra translated its commitment to support the entire beer supply chain into a series of concrete actions and not only. The goal is to team up and not waste what has been built over the years by all those sectors that are now strategic for the national economy. In particular, beer, whose wealth generated amounts to almost 10 billion euros in 2019 and which employs over 144,000 workers along the entire supply chain; we are talking about 0.53% of the national GDP.

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