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Ferrara, 100% reusable and recyclable packaging by 2025

The company signs the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and UN global commitment

Ferrara Candy Company has communicated the goal of making all its packaging 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. The commitment comes when the company joins 500 companies and governments, and becomes one of the signatories the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the United Nations global commitment to the new plastics economy.

As part of its roadmap to 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging, the company said it will engage with the entire organization, suppliers and partners and eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging; it will maximize the use of recycled materials and move from disposable to reusable models. The company is also committed to the following initiatives within the scope of its signatory status: new pilot models and business solutions; elimination of unnecessary plastic packaging through redesigns; continue to provide consumers with information on proper disposal.

"Today, through our commitment to identify and capitalize on innovative solutions that reduce plastic waste, we continue to focus on sustainable and responsible growth as we strive to be better citizens globally," said Todd Siwak, Ferrara CEO of Candy Company. Sander Defruyt , Ellen MacArthur Foundation's new plastics economy lead, added: “Our vision is for a world in which plastics never become waste and never turn into pollution. It will be a challenging journey, but by uniting we can eliminate the plastic we don't need and innovate so that the plastic we need can circulate safely and easily, keeping it in the economy but out of the environment".

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