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Dos Sicilia is born, the association of regional excellences

There are two objectives: to favor the aggregation of producers and to enhance the regional agri-food

Dos Sicilia was born, the association of consortia of Sicilian denominations of origin and Qs, Qualitatively safe products. It was born in Catania, in the office of the notary Ottavio D'Angelo, where the constituent assembly met to approve the statute of the association and appointed the first board of directors. Dos Sicilia is composed of: Ispica new carrot, Etna cherry, Modica chocolate, Ragusano cheese, Piacentinu Ennese cheese, Sicilian Pecorino cheese, Monte Etna oil, Monti iblei oil, Val di Mazara oil, Leonforte peach, Raffadali pistachio , Bronte green pistachio, Pachino tomato, Provola dei Nebrodi, QS Progetto Natura, QS Rete Ovinicoltori, Vastedda della Valle del Belice.

Massimo Todaro, Associate Professor of Animal Nutrition and Feeding at the Saaf Department of the University of Palermo, was appointed to lead the association as president. Vice-presidents are Salvatore Peluso , president of the Modica chocolate protection consortium and Salvatore Lentinello, president of the Pachino tomato consortium. The councilors are Sebastiano Tosto, representing QS Rete Ovinicoltori, and Giosuè Catania, president of the Mount Etna oil consortium.

The need to establish an association capable of representing the interests of Sicilian products of excellence had long been felt by all the consortia and hoped for at all levels: European, national and regional both in political and technical terms. Lastly, the presentation of the Qualivita - Ismea Report, organized by Origin Italia, emphasized the need for all Italian GIs to be supported by protection consortia. Interpreter of these needs, the Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Edy Bandiera, opened a discussion between all the interested parties: consortia, associations and Qs production chains, to encourage the establishment of an Association with the aim of creating a collaboration agreement for the enhancement and qualification of the agricultural and agri-food system of Sicily.

The first objective is to favor the aggregation of producers, encouraging and financing the establishment of consortia for the protection of Sicilian designations of origin, for all dop and pgi products. Second objective: the promotion and enhancement of certified quality Sicilian agricultural and agri-food productions. The funding for each of the associated consortia is valued at 10 thousand euros: the use of the total funding will be used for the purposes set out in the notice: the executive board of Dos Sicilia, in its first meeting, approved the explanatory report of the planned activities, with the relative implementation time schedule and the related cost estimate for each planned activity.

The Dos Sicilia assembly provided for the constitution of a technical committee coordinated by Elena Albertini and composed of Nino Scivoletto (Modica Chocolate consortium), Enzo Cavallo (QS Committees), Massimo Pavan (Novella Carrot consortium of Ispica), Giuseppe Licitra ( Consortium of Provola dei Nebrodi), Domenico Di Stefano (Fishing consortium of Leonforte), Enrico Cimbali (Pistachio di Bronte consortium), Salvatore Martorana (Mount Etna oil consortium), Raffaele Sarda (Piacentinu Ennese consortium), Salvatore Gazziano (Pistachio of Raffadali ) and Sebastiano Barone (Pomodoro di Pachino consortium).

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