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Mars chocolate is becoming more and more vegan

Bounty Vegan and Topic Vegan arrive in the UK and Asda

Mars has expanded its range of vegan and gluten-free chocolate with the introduction of Bounty Vegan and Topic Vegan in the UK.
The vegan alternative Bounty is a combination of cocoa and cubed coconut, mixed with almond paste. At the same time, the vegan Topic bar is made from a composition of hazelnut and cocoa paste with whole hazelnuts.

The new products come following Mars' launch of a new Galaxy vegan chocolate range in 2019. The company continues to benefit from growth in the chocolate-free candy category. “We are so pleased to offer more consumers the opportunity to try our brands. Galaxy Vegan has proven incredibly popular and we believe Topic Vegan and Bounty Vegan will add something hugely different to the free-from category”, said Michelle Frost , general manager of Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats.

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