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Longino & Cardenal's e-commerce is growing

More than 400,000 hits and an average growth rate on orders of 86%

Longino & Cardenal SpA, active in the research, selection and distribution of food for national and international high-end catering, announces the performance of the e-commerce platform

Launched on June 3, 2020, reinforced in October with the entry of Dr. Vincenzo Cannata in the role of digital & e-commerce director, the company's e-commerce platform continues to establish itself quickly with over 400,000 accesses and 3,200 orders placed as of December 31, 2020 (see EFA News article of 22-10-20 ). In the six months of activity, it recorded an average growth rate, month on month, of 86% on orders with an average receipt of 135 Euros. The most purchased product categories are meat and fish specialties. The months of November and December, driven by the Christmas holidays, recorded more than 260 thousand accesses and generated more than 2,300 orders (76% of the total).

The platform and the service are also very positive in terms of customer satisfaction, certified by a rate of buyers recurring by 28% and very high feedback in terms of: online purchase, products and delivery. The "shop of excellence and gourmet foods" born on B2B, is now also developing on the B2C market thanks to investments and the strengthening of the digital strategy, as well as the experience of managing the logistics network. From the beginning of September, the "Same day delivery" campaign was also launched in Milan, which guarantees same-day delivery of all orders placed before 17:00.

The shop also becomes the driver of the communication and marketing strategy, capable of generating more than 3,300 newsletter subscriptions and a conversion rate of 4.21%. Riccardo Uleri , CEO and majority shareholder of L&C, commented: we are extremely satisfied with the performance of our e-commerce channel, even beyond expectations. The effects generated by the pandemic have prompted us to react and find the strength to implement a digital strategy that has allowed us to launch our e-commerce platform but also to develop efficient solutions at the company level. The new online sales channel for B2C is attracting ever-increasing interest, also demonstrating that the market has ample room for growth and that is why we will continue to strengthen our digital strategy alongside the 'traditional' strategy”.

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