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Pizza Day, views from over 190 countries

A 24-hour international digital marathon

Avpn (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) founded in June 1984 in Naples, committed to promoting and protecting the true Neapolitan pizza in Italy and around the world, was the protagonist of Vera Pizza Day, a 24-hour marathon to pay homage to "Sant'Antuono", patron saint of "pizzaiuoli". 17 live masterclasses from 13 countries, for a total of 101,267 views from over 190 countries. Numbers added to 2,367,000 users reached by the social campaign, wanted by Avpn and the Campania region, which publicized the initiative from 11 to 17 January.

“A success that goes beyond our expectations”, Antonio Pace, president of the Association commented, “and which testifies to the impact that true Neapolitan pizza has in the whole world. An unthinkable result 37 years ago, when our association was founded, and which demonstrates how effective the dissemination work put in place has been and which has led to the creation of a network of affiliates who work with extreme passion". The master classes were held in 13 different languages, including sign language. High attention during the twenty-four hours, with peaks due to the two “lessons” from Naples, the first with Ciro Salvo and Massimo Di Porzio (vice president of Avpn) and the second with Salvatore Santucci and Enzo Esposito .

During the event, Lello Esposito presented a scale model of what will be the monument that Naples will dedicate to the art of the "pizzaiuolo", from 2017 intangible heritage of humanity for Unesco. During the marathon there was also space for the Sant'Antuono Awards, the award that this year Avpn and the Univerde foundation, chaired by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio , wanted to deliver to those media representatives who have particularly distinguished themselves in the promotion and dissemination of culture of the real Neapolitan pizza. Receiving it, during the live broadcast: Laura Mantovano (Gambero Rosso), Paolo Marchi (Identità Golose), Antonio Scuteri (la Repubblica), Barbara Guerra - Luciano Pignataro - Albert Sapere (50 Top Pizza) and Alessandro Schiatti (I Love Italian Food ). “We wanted to pay homage to the media that have had and continue to play a decisive role in what we could define as a true renaissance of Neapolitan pizza. And it is our intention to make this award a regular event, as will our marathon. With the hope, for the next year, of being able to combine the contacts remotely even those close up with a big party in the square”, concludes Pace.

The Vera Pizza Day initiative was created with the support of the Campania region and the moral patronage of the municipality of Naples and saw the participation of partners such as Molino Dallagiovanna, Molino Denti, Molino Caputo, Latteria Sorrentina, Gi.Metal, Molino Bongiovanni and Manna Forni. The event was conveyed by the facebook pages of the partners, delegations, associates and communities of I Love Italian Food and Ooni. Technical partners of the initiative were the two young Neapolitan realities Jungle Juice Adv and Sokan Communication.

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