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Polli towards 150 years of history

Of the 70 million jars of pesto produced, 60 are destined for export

Founded in 1872, the Tuscan company Polli will cross the milestone of 150 years of history next year. Always present in the field of pickles and pickles, in 2020 it recorded a turnover of 118 million euros (+ 12.4% compared to 2019).

In an interview with Sole 24 Ore, Polli's head of Corporate Strategy & Development, Manuela Polli (from the sixth generation now all female and who runs the company together with her sister Claudia and cousin Maddalena Bobba ), said: "We were also lucky because we had in mind to diversify the market outlets by focusing more on the Horeca channel but luckily we had not yet moved into the operational phase, so the pandemic still saw us 100% retail oriented. And this helped us. Of course then It was not all downhill, ensuring production and logistics continuity in the first months of the emergency as well as managing the explosion in demand linked to the growth in domestic consumption was not easy at all, but we did it".

According to Manuela, the basis of today's good results is also another choice made not many years ago: "since the early 2000s we have bet on the sector of ready-made sauces and in particular of Ligurian basil-based pesto need to strengthen exports and we would hardly have succeeded with pickles and pickles. Today of the 70 million jars of pesto produced (in different types and formats with the red variant too) 60 go to foreign markets, in Germany, France, United Kingdom and the United States. And our export share has thus gone from 15% in the early 2000s to 70% today". For the future, the goal is to consolidate 2020 results and continue international development. "We will try to take new paths such as e-commerce (we are present on Amazon) but also the BtoB channel by proposing our products as ingredients for other recipes or preparations".

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