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EU towards a "healthy" turn

Alarmist labels are foreseen on wine, such as for cigarettes

Made in Italy at risk due to cancellation of funds for the promotion of meat, cured meats and wine

The European Union wants to cancel the funds for the promotion of meat, cured meats and wine by providing alarmist labels on bottles as well as on cigarette packets. The president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini denounced this in a letter sent to the European commissioner for economic affairs Paolo Gentiloni in reference to the new Action plan to improve the health of European citizens” on the agenda of the commissioners' meeting. The measures of the EU commission in the context of the plan's prevention activities also concern the proposal to introduce health alarms in the labels of alcoholic beverages before 2023, but also the desire to eliminate agri-food products from the promotion programs, as specifically red and processed meats, which are associated with cancer risks.

"A choice that affects products that are symbolic of Made in Italy with Italy being the main European wine producer but also the country richest in small traditional typical products that need support to make themselves known on the market and that instead risk being condemned to extinction", Coldiretti complains. According to the association, the right commitment of the European Commission to protect the health of citizens cannot result in simplistic decisions that risk unjustly criminalizing individual products regardless of the quantities consumed. "The nutritional balance must in fact be sought between the different foods consumed in the daily diet and certainly not condemning the specific product".

According to the association, the damage is caused by centuries-old traditions with a devastating impact on the economy, on employment, on biodiversity and on the territory where when a barn closes an entire system made up of animals, meadows for fodder is lost, of typical products and above all of people committed to fighting, often for entire generations, depopulation and degradation. The Italian butchery is a leading sector of the national agri-food industry thanks to the work of about one hundred thousand people in breeding, processing, transport and distribution with a turnover that is worth 20 billion but which was significantly downsized in 2020 due to the closure of the restaurant that an important market outlet especially for high quality cold cuts. Italian wine is worth over 11 billion in turnover, according to data from last year, and offers job opportunities in the supply chain to 1.3 million people. With a production of over 46 million hectoliters in the 2020 harvest, about 70% of the tricolor production is destined for Docg, Doc and Igt wines with 332 wines with controlled designation of origin (Doc), 73 wines with controlled designation of origin and guaranteed (Docg), and 118 wines with typical geographical indication (Igt) recognized in Italy and the remaining 30% for table wines.

"A provocation against Italy ten years after the UNESCO recognition of the Mediterranean diet based precisely on a diversified diet that with pasta, fruit, vegetables, meat, extra virgin olive oil and the traditional glass of wine consumed at the table in regular meals have allowed up to now for the Italians to conquer the European record of longevity", concludes Coldiretti.

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