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Intesa Sanpaolo supports sustainable growth of Rigoni di Asiago

Loan of 2,850,000 Euros for Esg improvement objectives

Intesa Sanpaolo and Rigoni di Asiago have finalized a financing operation aimed at the sustainable growth of the plateau company. The loan from the credit institution of 2,850,000 euros provides for two ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) improvement objectives. The first refers to the share of customers and suppliers involved in sustainability issues, which translates into the use of programs to promote the culture of sustainability aimed at involving customers and suppliers in adopting virtuous practices in this area. The second concerns the number of hours of training to be dedicated to its employees on social and environmental sustainability issues, i.e. the introduction of internal programs for all workers aimed at promoting good practices both in the workplace and at home.

Intesa Sanpaolo has launched a new medium / long-term financing instrument called s-Loan specifically designed to accompany the efforts of companies in the direction of greater sustainability from an environmental, social and corporate governance point of view, enhancing dedicated investments also thanks to the identification of shared ESG performance indicators. S-Loan supports the needs of SMEs, with dedicated and facilitated conditions thanks to the rate reductions that will be recognized upon achievement of the improvement objectives in the ESG area. For each year in which the commitment will be respected, a discount will be granted on the loan in order to reward the results achieved.

Andrea Rigoni, president and CEO of Rigoni di Asiago, commented: "We are convinced that we, as a global company, must make responsible choices, develop sustainable lifestyles and use the best technology to create a balance between the availability and consumption of resources. We have chosen the organic route precisely to undertake a path of sustainable development with the aim of reducing the impact of production on the environment, limiting the consumption of fossil fuel and avoiding the intensive use of land and water. For our well-being and for future generations”. Renzo Simonato , Intesa Sanpaolo regional director: "Rigoni is an excellence of our territory, which contributes to the enhancement of local products, to the development of the plateau and its traditions also in international markets. Supporting companies that invest in sustainable growth and ESG criteria is for us a satisfaction but also a responsibility, which allows us to be an active part in the creation of collective value".

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