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Wines in amphora, resistant grapes and forgotten grapes

The first company to produce amphorated wines is born in Valsugana

"Wines in amphora, resistant grapes and forgotten grapes, enhanced by the courage to dare". These are the ingredients that led to the birth of a new micro-company located in Valsugana. The North-Italian Trentino valley is in many ways a difficult area for viticulture, both in terms of climate and geography. Historic area for the cultivation of vines, but which only in recent years is emerging from the enological point of view. The De Fattore company immediately decided to bet on quality and on the territory, producing clean and direct wines, having as a common thread the total vinification in terracotta amphorae. "The amphora is the container carefully chosen for a personal conviction on the products it can generate, combining tradition, winemaking technique and territory", says a press release.

In addition to being the first and only company to produce amphorae wines in Valsugana, among the products there is also a sparkling wine that seems to be the first classic method for vinification in amphora in Trentino: a Brut Nature from Chardonnay based grapes. Among the other grape varieties used, the company has been experimenting with resistant and abandoned varieties for several years. Solaris and Souvigner Gris are the Piwi varieties, therefore resistant to the main diseases of the vine and thanks to which we want to focus even more on environmental sustainability and defense of the territory. The Pavana, on the other hand, is a historic vine of Valsugana, almost totally abandoned, on which the company has decided to bet and which it would like to recover. The proximity to the Veneto region has also led to the acquisition of some Cabernet and Merlot vineyards in the Bassano del Grappa areas, where a second small line of wines is born.

"The company was born very recently and from scratch, without any previous vineyard or structure. The ideas are aimed at the past, but adapted to modern times and built with the awareness that in the cellar the oenologist is constantly updated and cannot stop to an idea or technique stationary over time. Much importance has also been given to the aesthetics of the bottles, taking care, with the help of the tattoo artist Zoen, the unique design of the company brand", explains a press release. The company is led by two brothers aged 26 and 30, Alessio and Simone, who cultivate the goal of continuous qualitative growth and the ambition of being able to create wines that are a point of reference for the territory one day.

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