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Sasso is a historical brand of national interest

Exclusive interview with Roberto Sassoni, general manager Italy business unit of Deoleo

Sasso, the Italian historic brand of olive oil with the iconic green can, has been officially recognized as historic brand of national interest. We asked Roberto Sassoni, Deoleo general manager Italy business unit, to comment on this prestigious award.

Sasso, the historic brand of olive oil with the iconic green can, has been officially recognized as a historic brand of national interest. The establishment of this register, born in January 2020 on the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development, aims to enhance and protect the brands that, for over half a century, have made the history of Made in Italy and the entrepreneurial fabric of our country. We asked Roberto Sassoni, general manager Italy business unit of Deoleo, to comment on this prestigious award and to tell us about the development lines implemented for this year.

What does this recognition represent for the Sasso brand?

Becoming part of the prestigious register of historical brands of national interest represents a great pride for the brand, as well as confirmation of the centennial commitment to a great goal: the celebration of tradition and respect for the tastes of our consumers. Offering quality products is one of our priorities and this recognition is the drive towards continuous improvement of oil and vinegar products.

What are the goals for 2021?

Sasso's commitment remains the research and selection of the raw materials of its oils and vinegars and the strict controls on the same, to guarantee a product of excellence, so as to meet the tastes of consumers who have always chosen it every day. For this reason 2021 the goal is to make the most of the products that have made the history of the brand, first of all the olive oil which, on its iconic tin, will bear the important seal of the Historic Brand. Even our wine vinegars, products of excellence and with organoleptic characteristics that define them as the only Riserva on the market, will be at the center of our development plans primarily with the highlighting of 100% Italian origin.

How does Sasso benefit from belonging to an international group like Deoleo?

Being part of the Deoleo group, a world leader in the world of olive oil, allows Sasso to benefit from different points of view. First of all, maximum visibility and direct access to the best selection of raw materials in each oil campaign, participation in an important commitment to enhance the category, sharing a clear customer orientation. Therefore quality, development, promotion of ethical and sustainable practices for the good of the entire production chain and finally great knowledge and respect for the tastes and preferences of consumers.

Are you planning further foreign developments?

Sasso has historically had areas of strength in the countries of the Middle East, areas where oil, in addition to being used in the food sector, is also considered a valid ally for personal care. For this reason, in the near future we are planning to enter the world of cosmetics, with a range of products based on olive oil.

How did 2020 end?

2020 was a year that saw the growth of the whole world of edible oils and in particular that of olive oil, where Olio Sasso operates with more strength, representing 11%. The olive oil category, in fact, after years of decline, recorded a growth of 6% (Source Nielsen Scan-Track, Total Italy), certainly also due to new consumption opportunities linked to the longer stay at home. In this context, the great growth results of Sasso are for us a confirmation of the strength and solidity of the brand that best expresses the tradition within this category.

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