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Fake chicken: Heura Foods aims to Italian market

Collaboration through Glovo

The Spanish "vegetable chicken" producer hopes to expand into the global market and is currently targeting Italy

Since its launch in 2017, the Spanish manufacturer Food for Tomorrow, founded by Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños, has become popular due to the growing concern in terms of reducing meat consumption, by means of a solution called Heura Chicken: it is vegetable meat, in particular "vegan chicken" obtained by selecting nourishing vegetable proteins and reproducing the texture of the meat. This new product is described as rich in protein, fiber, iron and vitamin B12, low in saturated fat and free of the hormones and antibiotics found in meat products. Kearney, a US strategic consulting multinational, estimates that the global vegetable meat market will be worth $ 350 billion in twenty years' time. The vegetable meat of the Spanish brand is fully sustainable; according to Coloma, the system of meat consumption we have is obsolete and from many points of view no longer sustainable, and he intends to act now looking for a functional alternative both to feed the population and to preserve the future of the planet.

Heura's Spaniards intend to start a partnership with Italy by entering the Italian market through Glovo, the well-known Spanish startup founded in Barcelona in 2015, and then continue with the inclusion in the menus of Italian restaurant chains. "We do not exclude in the future producing in Italy as well. This will depend a lot on how the Italian market responds to our products and the consequent development of the business, which if it progresses as we hope will certainly need a support point for production in the Bel Paese", he says. Coloma, who with regards to Heura's expectations in Italy says he does not fear confrontation with Italian cuisine: precisely the knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine and respect for its tradition are the key elements of his optimism for a successful collaboration.

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