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Ferrarelle: since 2021 it is a benefit company

The third sustainability report has been published, the first with augmented reality

Ferrarelle Spa, the fourth largest Italian group by volume in the mineral water sector, launches its third sustainability report entitled "A natural link", for the first time a report is made with the use of augmented reality and which is aimed directly at the end consumer thanks to additional content such as video, information and audio. With this new edition, Ferrarelle integrates the analysis of its commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability with the potential offered by augmented reality. Thanks to this tool it is in fact possible to make users interact directly with the document (both in digital version and in paper version): using the smartphone camera, the illustrations (this year entrusted to Simone Massoni ) printed on the pages and on the cover they come alive, while the voice over integrates the contents with additional information.

Since 2008 Ferrarelle has been producing and using electricity with photovoltaic technology: in the Riardo plant almost all of the electricity is produced by the photovoltaic system (96%) and is used as self-consumption, managing to cover about 8% of the needs of the 'plant. The new Presenzano plant is also equipped with a photovoltaic system whose electricity production covers approximately 2% of the needs. The company's attention is also directed to its collaborators: 4,629 are the hours of training provided and intended for employees. The company is also committed to guaranteeing continuity and safety for its workers with 96% of employees hired for an indefinite period and over 220,000 euros invested in health and safety at work. Structural methods of smart-working were introduced, the granting of both permanent and temporary part-time contracts and the use of flexible entry and exit times for employees of the administrative and commercial offices.

"An interconnected reality like Ferrarelle cannot ignore the principle of a balanced distribution of the economic value equal to over 210.4 million euros, generated in 2019 by its activities and up 10.1% compared to 2018", announces a note print. A value that is returned almost entirely to the various stakeholders (196.5 million Euro + 0.8% compared to 2018) who, with direct or indirect links, contributed to creating it. In fact, Ferrarelle favors its suppliers on the basis of respect for the environment: among the usual ones, as many as 28 have a sustainability report. The breakdown of the generated value is as follows: 166.9 million euros to suppliers of goods and services necessary for production; 26.7 million euros to employees. This value increased by 4.6% compared to 2018, also due to the 8.5% increase in the overall company workforce; 1.0 million euros to shareholders; 722 thousand euros to the public administration for taxes and duties paid; 934 thousand euros to the community thanks to donations, contributions to associations and sponsorship activities; 244 thousand euros to lenders or financial charges to credit institutions.

The Presenzano plant was started up for the recycling of Pet and for the production of R-Pet. Ferrarelle is thus the only mineral water company to have its own plastic recycling plant. The philosophy that the company pursues is that of a “-1 impact world”, where it takes more away from the environment than it enters. Thanks to the Presenzano plant, inaugurated in 2019 and the result of an investment of 27 million euros, Ferrarelle has already removed 20 thousand tons of plastic from the environment and is producing its bottles in R-Pet (Pet recycled directly from the company ) in 1.5l and 0.5l formats. With the aim of looking to the future and making the corporate impact more sustainable, Ferrarelle has chosen to become a benefit company. The strategy that will accompany the company is divided into three strategic areas: "territory and environment", "people, customers, suppliers and workers" and "culture and society".

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