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Italian best "Colomba" (Easter cake) championship: winners announced

Renato Talotti (Udine) and Salvatore Albanesi (Rome) awarded

In the splendid setting of Villa Campolieto, one of the most beautiful historic homes of the Vesuvian Villas in Ercolano in the province of Naples, the International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate (FIPGC) with a jury made up of World Pastry Chef Roberto Lestani , Matteo Cutolo , Enrico Casarano, Francesco Lastra , Maurizio Santilli , Domenico Lopatriello and Gianluca Cecere, declared the winners for the best Italian Colomba, the dove-shaped Easter cake, at the end of a championship in which 185 pastry artisans participated, of which 45 from abroad (of the 20,000 members of the Fipgc, 6,500 reside abroad).

The best Italian artisan doves were considered in the final award ceremony, made according to canons ranging from the use of the ingredients, cut, perfume to the honeycomb of the product.

The overall winners were in the Friulian Classic Colomba Category Renato Talotti , while the Innovative Colomba Category won by Salvatore Albanesi from Rome.

Fipgc is the Italian body par excellence that contributes to spreading and enhancing the culture of the world of sweets in a global way, which includes pastry, ice cream, chocolate and cake design.

The great tradition of pastry art with that of ice cream and chocolate, together with their culture, are transferred all over the world. This is the great work of the Federation which, in addition to transmitting its value, has always contributed to increasing knowledge by also taking action on the subject of training.

In fact, the art of haute patisserie, which has seen a considerable expansion in recent years, has attracted the attention of the new generations, and the International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate has as its focus the dissemination and knowledge activity also within professional schools. of the sector.

For this reason, the International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolaterie has been accredited by the Ministry of Education (with decree no.657 of 9 June 2020) to carry out initiatives to promote our excellence such as competitions and competitions, in the context of training and culinary education of the pastry in hotel schools.

Another fundamental purpose of the Federation is to unite the different realities (companies, schools, wholesalers, associations, artisans) existing on the international territory, in order to strengthen their collaboration and the growth of the artisan sector of the various professionals present in the world; This synergy between the various professionals is also strengthened with the main three international events that the Federation organizes: "The World Trophy of Pastry Gelato Chocolate", "Cake Designers World Championship", "The World Trophy of Professional Tiramisù".

Photo gallery Giuria del Campionato italiano della Migliore Colomba a Villa Campolieto (Ercolano) Roberto Lestani, Campione del mondo Pastry Chef, Presidente Fipgc
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