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Balsamic: for the Consortium, the first goal achieved

With the notification of the detailed opinion to EU, Italy formalizes the act of opposition to Slovenian product

With the notification of the detailed opinion, the Italian Government has in fact achieved the objective: it has formalized the act of opposition to the adoption of Slovenian technical legislation on the production and marketing of vinegars which would introduce the use, for generic products, of the denomination "balsamic vinegar". The standstill period envisaged by the community procedure is thus extended to 3 June (see EFA News). In the coming months, therefore, the Member States will be called to take a position on the critical issues reported by Italy and to express a decision.

Despite the difficult period and the transition underway, the Government has shown great readiness and attention to this issue of national interest above all thanks to a team game that involved local institutions such as the RER through the councilor Alessio Mammi, the parliamentarians Benedetta Fiorini, Elena Lizzi and Rosanna Conte and the two MEPs Paolo De Castro and Elisabetta Gualmini up to the ministries of agricultural, food and forestry policies and economic development that have fielded the new ministers Stefano Patuanelli and Giancarlo Giorgetti, writes the Foundation today. Qualivita taking up a note from the Consortium for the Protection of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, whose president Mariangela Grosoli comments as follows:.

"The Consortium for the Protection of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI expresses its full satisfaction and heartfelt thanks to the political-institutional world and to all those who have made a personal contribution. I also add a special thanks to the associative world that has supported us in this first phase and in particular OriGIn Italia and OriGIn Europa, as well as Coldiretti, Federconsumatori and Federvini. I am sure that all together we will effectively tackle the second phase of the procedure, supporting the national and world interests of PDO and PGI products".

At this point the delicate phase of the debate on the merits of the issues raised by the Italian government opens. “The technical problems on the table are of different nature - declares in turn the director of the Consortium Federico Desimoni -; the first is certainly that of the contrast with Reg. (EU) no. 1151/12 which protects PDO and PGI and with the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice which recognizes the exclusive competence of national judges for the assessment of cases of violation of the regulation. The second refers to the contrast between the Slovenian law and some cardinal principles of Community law on labeling and consumer information. The third is directly connected to the internal contradictions of the technical standard and to the incompatibility with European standards for the production and marketing of vinegars".

All these topics will therefore be at the center of the community debate in which Italy will be called to intervene to support its convictions with strength and determination, concludes the note.

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