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Royal Unibrew (Ceres) closes 2020 with a slight decline

Turnover of 982 million euros (-2%), profit of 154 million

In Italy (Ceres Italie and Fonti di Crodo), turnover of 93 million euros.

Royal Unibrew (Ceres), one of the main beverage groups in Northern Europe, also operating in Italy through the subsidiary Ceres Italia, closed the 2020 financial statements with a global turnover of 7.5 billion Danish crowns (982 million euros), in decrease of about 2% compared to 2019.

Total volume sales amounted to 11.1 million hl, a slight increase of 1% compared to 2019. Net profit was 1.18 billion crowns (154 million €).

The main markets are Denmark, Finland, Italy (Ceres Italia), France and Germany, as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Added to these are the international markets which include a number of markets in the Americas and major cities in Europe and North America, as well as emerging markets in Africa. In addition to its own brands, the group offers licensed international brands from the PepsiCo and Heineken groups in Northern Europe.

In Italy, where the group operates with the subsidiaries Ceres Italia (beers) and Fonti di Crodo (soft drinks), the 2020 turnover was € 93 million, down from the 109 million in 2019, taking into account that on the Italian market about 60% of the business is in On-Trade, the channel that suffered the collapse of sales due to the pandemic. To partially offset the effects of the significant decrease in sales during periods of freezes and restrictions, the company focused on strengthening its operations in supermarkets, while ensuring that wholesale channels and Cash & Carries were well supplied and activated with both Ceres beers and the Lemonsoda line and the other soft drinks produced in the Crodo plant.

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