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Misleading adv, Italian Jury condems Tonno Mare Aperto (Jealsa)

Close of the "Il Tonno Verità" campaign ordered

On the recommendation of Bolton Food, the Jury for Advertising Self-Discipline intervened on the commercials of the Tuna Mare Aperto campaign, whose final claim was "Il Tonno Verità" (Tuna Truth). The Jury found the commercials to be in contrast with art. 2 where they boast the exclusivity of the can opening system, “Only Mare Aperto has an easy and safe opening”, since the advertiser has not demonstrated that the opening systems of competitors are instead insecure; the statement “the truth is that nobody has a project like We Sea”, as it claims superiority in terms of unproven environmental sustainability. Furthermore, it considered messages on the whole contrary to articles 14 and 15 with particular reference to the claim "Il Tonno Verità", as it suggests to consumers the decoding in the sense, at the same time disparaging and incorrectly comparative, that none of the competitors tell the truth when they claim the environmental sustainability of their product.

The Giurì, with Pronunciation n. 4/2021 of 23/2/2021, therefore ordered the cessation of the campaign.

The brand, controlled by the Spanish Jealsa, had recently announced the achievement of neutrality in Co2 emissions as part of its commitment to energy sustainability, as part of the We Sea corporate social responsibility program (see article EFA News of 2 / 3/2021).

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