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Diageo trains young bartenders to support Horeca

Learning for Life is underway, to contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment in Italy

Learning for Life, this is the name of Diageo's global program that will train 40 unemployed young people from disadvantaged situations to the profession of bartender that limit their ability to successfully enter the world of work. With over 70 hours on the calendar divided into 6 weeks of courses, the program starts on March 17 and will involve 40 young people in Turin and Milan selected through the training agency Immagination and Work accredited by the Lombardy and Piedmont region. During the training, which is totally free for them, they will learn the different categories of alcohol beverage, the history of the most important cocktails, the secrets of mixing, will receive useful notions for practicing the responsible service of alcoholic beverages and, finally, will be trained on how to better present themselves and their new professionalism through personalized counseling.

At the end of the course, on the basis of attendance, the marks obtained in the classroom exercises and the proactivity shown during the course, the 10 best candidates between Turin and Milan will be selected who will have access to the paid internship. The trainings will be managed by the volunteers of Diageo Italia, supported by the teachers of Imagination and Work and with the support of some significant testimonies from the best realities of the Milanese and Turin Horeca. Learning for Life has already made it possible to train 140,000 young bartenders in about 35 countries around the world. Since 2010, the year the project was launched, the Group has trained 750 bartenders in southern Europe alone; of these almost 100 in Italy where the program has been carried out since 2019.

There will be several new elements characterizing the 2021 edition. Starting from the methods of use: 70% in virtual form via web meeting platforms in order to manage the restrictions envisaged by the Covid emergency and 30% in presence, at the offices of Immagination and Work in Turin and Milan. Learning for Life will also take a further step forward from the point of view of integration with the world of work as it will involve some of the professional bartenders of Diageo Bar Academy. Both in terms of duration and for the contents proposed, then, the program will be uniform in all the countries of the southern European area in which it will be activated, namely Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France. This is in order to give the training a broader and more recognized international dimension also across borders.

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