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Kellogg to invest €30m in Belgium

In Mechelen Pringles plant, to boost sustainability and production

Us cereal and snacks giant Kellogg Company has announced a €30 million investment in its Pringles plant in Mechelen, Belgium, to boost sustainability and to increase production. The facility is one of two Pringles plants in Europe (the other one is in Poland) and ships cans of the brand’s potato chips to more than 40 countries across the continent, North Africa and the Middle East. Pringles produces around 104,000 tonnes of crisps every year in Mechelen. Currently, the factory runs at its full capacity, as it is also operating at full speed during the night and on public holidays. For maintenance only, the production lines are briefly shut down. With the new system, Kellogg will generate steam via natural gas consumption and by using the air that comes out of the fryer, in a more efficient way than today. The first phase of the project starts at the end of this year, with a second phase beginning in 2023. The Mechelen plant employs a workforce of around 650.

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