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Kellogg invests 140 million euros in Pringles

The new production line starts in the Polish factory opened early

This is an investment that will increase production by 34%, which corresponds to another 120 million cans of Pringles per year.

The food company and manufacturer of Pringles, Kellogg Europe, has invested a total of 140 million euros in its European branded plants since November 2019. Of these, 110 million euros have been allocated to the plant in Kutno, Poland, and 30 million euros to that of Mechelen, Belgium (see EFA News's article). In Kutno, 110 million euros were invested to set up a new production line at the Polish plant. Originally scheduled to be completed by May 2021, the new line is fully operational one month ahead of schedule. This is an investment that will increase production by 34%, which corresponds to another 120 million cans of Pringles per year.

"This new line will use the latest food production technology, taking advantage of an efficient and environmentally friendly high-speed line. Thanks to cutting-edge and sustainable design processes, the need for heating and the use of other infrastructures is reduced to inside the factory", explains a press release. This increased efficiency of the new line will also serve to reduce and contain food waste. Dave Lawlor, President of Kellogg Europe, commented: "I am very happy to be able to meet the growing demand from Pringles customers and consumers. The investment in both the Belgian and Polish operations demonstrates our commitment to promoting the Pringles brand. across the European region. Putting a new, more efficient and sustainable Pringles line into operation at our Polish factory ahead of time, in the midst of the pandemic, is a great achievement, and I am very proud of the team and the company for achieving it like this soon".

Kellogg originally built the Pringles factory in Kutno, Poland, in the industrial area of Lodz, to produce the Special K in 2008. Since 2014 the plant has also been involved in the production of Pringles. Currently the company is the largest investor present within the Lodz "Special Economic Zone" with more than 330 million Euros invested since 2008, which have had a positive impact on the region, creating almost 550 qualified roles. The 30 million euro investment in the Mechelen factory in Belgium will instead be used to renovate the plant to keep up with demand and make production more sustainable.

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