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First "carbon neutral" Italian organic extra virgin olive oil

A project of the Sicilian start-up Boniviri

Boniviri, a Sicilian start-up and benefit company, launches the first Italian “carbon neutral” organic extra virgin olive oil. The project envisages that the CO2 emissions generated by oil along the entire supply chain, from the field to the table, are calculated, reduced through sustainable choices and, finally, eliminated through reforestation projects. The first intervention was carried out with the support of Rete Clima, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability and decarbonisation actions: in particular, the compensatory activities were carried out thanks to the promotion of sustainable forest management actions in forests certified according to Pefc standards in areas in Val Camonica (Brescia), with parallel and symbolic laying of trees in Milan.

"Our mission is to create value with food: for small local farmers, the environment and consumers", said Corrado Paternò Castello, co-founder and administrator of Boniviri. Greenhouse effect of the extra virgin olive oil supply chain. Through the involvement of one of the seven farms participating in the project and one of the partner mills, the Ruta mill, the data relating to a representative supply chain of Boniviri were collected in collaboration with some researchers of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the University of Catania, it includes all the production steps ("from cradle to grave"): from the fuel consumption of the tractor to the energy consumption of the mill, from working in the countryside to transport to the final consumer and subsequent disposal of packaging.

The data, processed internally and processed with the support of Climate Impact Forecast, made it possible to calculate the impact of a 750 ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil, equal to 2.88 kg of CO2 equivalent. Even the packaging has been revolutionized from a sustainable point of view (see EFA News article of 2-2-21): from the bottle with a high percentage of recycled glass, produced locally to reduce the impact of transport, to the low environmental impact label created by Favini beans with by-products of agro-industrial processing of olives. Choices that allowed Boniviri to win the “Special Green Award” at the packaging and innovation competition "The shapes of oil 2021" organized by Olio Officina.

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