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Carrefour and Inalca together for the enhancement of veal

An agreement has been signed for the sale of the 100% made in Italy product

Carrefour Italia and Inalca have joined forces to promote the 100% Italian and guaranteed veal supply chain. The agreement signed in the presence of the CEO of the Christophe Rabatel brand and the CEO of the Luigi Scordamaglia association, envisages the enhancement of the Italian production of high quality white meat veal in large-scale distribution, through the Carrefour Quality Chain brand. Federico Olivieri of the Corticella agricultural company was signed on, representing all the 250 partner farmers of the Carrefour Quality Chain.

The 100% Italian veal supply chain Carrefour Quality Supply chain bases its procurement on the collaboration of the brand with 5 leaders of the Italian livestock sector, of which Inalca of the Cremonini group represents the main reality, which consortium in total about 250 local realities. In fact, a fundamental role, in the pursuit of the objectives of sustainability and product quality, is played by small companies that throughout the territory, every day, ensure that their livestock practices comply with the best practices for the protection of the environment, animal welfare and health. Quality Supply Chain Carrefour aims at the progressive improvement of the quality level of veal distributed in large-scale distribution, "ensuring the presence of a product of excellence and of Italian origin in over 300 points of sale of the brand distributed throughout the national territory", specifies a press release.

"The veal valorisation project follows an agreement already signed in 2017 between Carrefour Italia and Inalca for the promotion of the veal and heifer chains and is part of the broader commitment of the brand for a local and excellent offer in the butchery department, thanks also to the skills of its butchers who contribute to spreading a culture of consumption of this product", communicates a joint note.

"Carrefour Italia has made a precise and responsible choice in the management of its meat supply chain, preferentially addressing its Italian suppliers and enhancing the small farmers of the area, to offer together a quality product, 100% with guaranteed origin", underlines Christophe Rabatel, CEO of Carrefour Italia. “With projects like this we want to collaborate with our partners, promoting local production and good farming practices. I am therefore very happy to be able to make a product such as Italian veal, which represents a real excellence of our country, accessible to all our consumers”.

“Today's agreement - explains Inalca CEO Luigi Scordamaglia - represents a further step forward in enhancing the Italian beef sector. The consolidation of the partnership between Carrefour and Inalca, in this case extended to the veal quality supply chain, meets the needs of the Italian consumer who during the covid crisis has accentuated his purchasing preference for increasingly Italian and increasingly sustainable products. The protection of animal welfare, the reduction of environmental impact, safety and product quality are essential requirements of the Carrefour Quality Chain, of which our company has always been a direct protagonist. As Inalca we are therefore really proud to be able to apply these requirements also to a supply chain, such as that of veal, which enhances the work of many of our breeders and their families by giving the consumer the opportunity to choose a distinctive 100% Italian product".

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