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Pietro Coricelli introduces a new "Mediterranean Diet" line in Italy

Not just oil: pasta, sauces, pesto and passata arrive

Not just oil in the future of Pietro Coricelli. The oil company of Spoleto (Perugia) becomes a standard bearer of the Mediterranean diet by introducing a new line of products on the Italian market that includes pasta, sauces, pesto and passata. The new "Mediterranean Diet" line represents the new challenge of the Umbrian family which, after having conquered foreign markets, exporting to 110 countries around the world, has decided to invest in an all-Italian project that goes beyond the core business of oil and look at the origins.

“When my grandfather founded the company in 1939 he was called Pietro Coricelli Generali Alimentari because in addition to oil he personally took care of selecting the best raw materials of the area to be marketed under his own name as a guarantee of quality. A vision that we not only want to pay homage but that perfectly summarizes our plans for the future. In fact, we want to position the Casa Coricelli brand as a synonym of Mediterranean diet and Italian excellence”, declares Chiara Coricelli , CEO of Pietro Coricelli and representative of the third generation.

Mediterranean flavors thus become the protagonists of the new line proposed with high quality durum wheat semolina pasta, 100% natural with a high protein content, available in six different formats; sauces (angry, basil, Bolognese, Neapolitan) and pesto (Genoese, Sicilian, red pesto) made with fresh and natural ingredients strictly "Made in Italy", without preservatives and are proposed in the classic recipes of the Italian tradition; for the puree only Italian tomatoes, sweet taste and velvety texture without skins and seeds.

“We have chosen to introduce few references but to aim for the highest quality by selecting partners of excellence with whom we have studied and developed our recipes. A year of great ferment awaits us, we are following this new route by continuing our path of innovation and growth and we are already working on new projects that will see the light in the coming months”, concludes Chiara Coricelli .

The references of the new "Mediterranean Diet" line are available in the large-scale distribution brands where the brand is already present.

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