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Digital rewards San Daniele ham

An analysis of Italian food products recognizes the results of the 2020 communication campaign

Prima Online, a portal specialized in communication analysis, advertising, new media and social marketing, has made public a study on the 2020 digital communication strategies of the main Italian consortia in the food sector. The data processed demonstrate the effectiveness of the communication of San Daniele ham, based on a strategy that has favored the promotion and consolidation of brand awareness. The study analyzed the major Italian food products: San Daniele Dop ham, Parmigiano Reggiano Dop, Grana Padano Dop, Asiago Dop, Parma ham Dop and Mortadella Igp. The analysis shows that the greatest growth on social networks was recorded by San Daniele ham with an increase of over 55 thousand units, thus positioning itself in first place in terms of absolute variation compared to all food competitors.

With reference to engagement data, the widespread digital activity on all institutional channels of the Consortium has allowed San Daniele to position itself in the top 5 of the players in the food world and to rank first in the cured meats section. Thanks to the integrated multichannel communication campaign launched by the Consortium on social and web channels, San Daniele Dop has therefore achieved important results among the main made in Italy products and among the cured meats with denomination. Figures for 2020 During the year just ended, an audience of over 81 million people was reached thanks to the activities undertaken on digital channels: 60% with social networks, 26% through engagement initiatives, 10 % with influencer marketing activities and the remainder through digital PR activities. Among the main themes dealt with in the communication activities, the following stand out: cooking and food, nutrition and wellness and in-depth information on the product and its characteristics.

The contents published on the consortium social channels made it possible to reach about 65 million people, obtaining over 286 thousand interactions. 250 San Daniele Boxes were sent to selected Influencers, whose potential audience was over 55 million users. The profiles involved published a total of 564 contents, highlighting the brand to an audience of 13.7 million people. The Top Influencer campaign, also in collaboration with Chiara Ferragni's The Blond Salad, saw the publication of contents that reached a total of 350,000 people and obtained over 20,000 interactions. The brand's web principals recorded excellent numbers: the institutional site recorded visits for over 165 thousand unique users, the San Daniele Magazine, of which the updated version was released in September, reached over 200 thousand users with 130 articles published. In the first four months there are positive data for the growth of the fan base of social networks (+ 3% with over 9,000 new fans), for the views of videos on the YouTube channel (+ 46%) and visits to websites (+ 7 %) compared to the same period of the previous year.

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