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Macfrut is back in attendance, from 7 to 9 September in Rimini

Four dynamic areas have been foreseen as evidence of the revolution in the sector

Sensors to remotely drive agricultural machinery, drones in treatments, devices that control soil moisture in real time. These are three examples of Agriculture 4.0 testimony of a sector increasingly at the center of a real technological revolution. News that will be possible to touch at Macfrut, from 7 to 9 September in Rimini, confirming an event that is increasingly content, as well as business. In fact, if there is a message that Covid has launched to the sector, it is the awareness that competitiveness on the international market passes through innovation, an increasingly central theme for keeping up with the global context.

Four dynamic areas foreseen in the international fruit and vegetable fair: the fourth edition of International Asparagus Days hosted for the first time in Macfrut; the presence of an agricultural machinery test field with Macfrut Field Solution; Acquacampus dedicated to innovations in irrigation; and Greenhouse Technology Village aimed at the universe of protected crops.

The coordination of the dynamic areas is entrusted to the experience of Luciano Trentini . "The future of the sector is linked to the development of technology, which makes it possible to reduce costs and increase quality and production yields - declares Luciano Trentini - Having the opportunity to see these innovations at work is an added value for producers and technicians, who are helped in their choices. These technologies often improve environmental, economic and social sustainability and are increasingly in demand by consumers and strongly supported by European policies. The four dynamic areas present at Macfrut go in this direction, offering an in-depth overview of a constantly changing sector ”.

International Asparagus Days (IAD). Now in its fourth edition, the IAD offers demonstration tests, conferences, field visits. Organized with the technical and scientific support of Christian Befve, one of the world's leading experts in the supply chain, the area will affect all the asparagus sectors: from new varieties to nursery production, from preparing the land for the planting to running the asparagus harvesting of both white and green asparagus, to processing the product in an environmentally friendly way to guarantee the final consumer a high quality product.

Macfrut Field Solutions. At the fair there will be a real demonstration field of over 1,000 square meters, larger than in previous editions, in which farmers and technicians will be able to see live how innovative machines and equipment operate in the age of agriculture 4.0. This area was created in collaboration with Cermac, the Consortium for the Internationalization of Italian manufacturers of machinery, equipment, technologies and accessories for agriculture and agro-industry. “Macfrut is the kick-off of post Covid and the restart of the sector must pass through a great international showcase - explains the president of Cermac Enrico Turoni -. For this reason, as a Consortium we have decided to invest in the digital and physical part of the fair, as well as in the organization of the test field in which to show the latest innovations in terms of technological innovation".

Acquacampus. If there is an increasingly primary good, it is water. And precisely to its use in the agricultural field, Acquacampus is dedicated to the dynamic area that presents the most modern technologies applied to water resources in greenhouses and in the open field. It was created by the CER (Canale Emiliano Romagnolo) with the coordination of Gioele Chiari, together with the ANBI (National Association of Italian Reclamation). “The extended water supply chain, in terms of climate change and excessive land consumption, takes on a new additional dimension and economic, social and environmental importance - explains Francesco Vincenzi , President of Anbi -. The right answer is found in the innovation that goes in two directions: increase the collection and storage at the last to make it available for the potable uses of energy production and its environmental and agricultural availability; push on the topic of innovation. And it is precisely in Macfrut that the Sustainability Manual for Op will see the light, aimed at certifying how Consorzi di Bonifica and Op are able to guarantee also to consumers the sustainability in actions to use the resource”.

Finally, we are increasingly talking about Vertical farming, soilless cultivation and modern production systems in floating systems. A meeting point between the productive and technological worlds, the Greenhouse Technology Village is a veritable village of innovation in greenhouse horticulture set up in the pavilions of the Rimini fair. Present producers of technologies, materials and technical means, seeds and specialized nurserymen.

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