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Orsero: partnership with the American Apeel

Strategic alliance to combat food waste

The Californian company has invented a revolutionary totally vegetable film that reduces the speed of spoilage of the product.

Orsero, leader in Mediterranean Europe for the import and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables, has started an important strategic collaboration with Apeel, an innovative American company with the mission of reducing food waste. Apeel's plant-based protection doubles the shelf life of fresh produce and is made of material that can be found in all fruits and vegetables. When applied to the peel of fresh fruit and vegetables, Apeel reduces the deterioration rate of the product and thus prevents food waste along the entire supply chain: from production to consumption, through to sale.

The collaboration has resulted directly in production at Acapulco, the Mexican company from Orsero, which is using the innovative plant-based protection on the avocados grown and distributed. The products treated are marketed on the US market, where the Apeel brand is already popular, and soon also in Europe - in particular in France, Italy and Spain - through the Group's distribution companies (Az France, Fruttital and Hermanos Fernandez).

Alessandro Canalella, Chief Commercial Officer of the Orsero Group, commented: “The partnership with Apeel is strategic for us. From a commercial point of view, it allows us to introduce an innovation on the European market, dedicated to a product, such as avocado, whose consumption is growing in double digits and is increasingly widespread and popular. The novelty will fuel this trend, allowing to extend the shelf life of the fruits. The benefit will benefit all links in the supply chain, including the consumer. The partnership also strengthens our commitment in the fight against food waste, the basic principle of the Group's philosophy. In addition to the actions already taken to make the transport and storage phases of products more efficient, and the collaboration with food banks to donate edible but no longer marketable products, we will now also be able to act on reducing the creation of food waste".

Apeel Sciences, founded in California in 2012 by James Rogers, in just a few years has raised over $ 110 million from leading venture capitalists or private equity, and from entities such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation .

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