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"La Via delle Erbe" at Sana fair from 9 to 12 September

Fire will be the leitmotif of the 2021 initiative

Launched by Siste in collaboration with the association of herbalist technicians of the University of Turin Altea and with Sana (international organic fair), La Via delle Erbe aims to raise awareness of the world of plants, through an illustrated path of images and documents on their history, their origins, traditional uses and the link with the territory and then talk about scientific research and the properties of some of the most significant plant species among those used in health and wellness products.

After decades of domination of "synthetic chemistry", research on natural substances, of plant origin in particular, represents the most advanced and innovative challenge for the industry that affects all sectors and types of production. For today's consumer, more attentive and sensitive to environmental issues than in the past, "natural" is a responsible choice, a way to recover their relationship with nature, their balance and harmony with the environment in which lives, respecting the principles of the enhancement of environmental resources and sustainability. For "politics", the transition to an economy that finds its strength in the "green" has become a necessity: it means guaranteeing the health and well-being of man, animals and the environment and allowing the "transmission of a healthy planet to future generations".

The leitmotif of the 2021 edition of La Via delle Erbe will be fire, which expresses the energy with which plants are able to involve the five senses, causing intense sensations ranging from pleasure to annoyance, extremes of ambivalence, which it expresses positivity and negativity in an irrational holistic unicum. But what relationship can there be between a plant and fire? It is the multiplicity of their functions, the energy with which they are able to involve all our senses, causing intense sensations ranging from pleasure to annoyance, extremes of ambivalence, which expresses, in an irritable holistic unicum, positivity and negativity. In this other stage of La Via delle Erbe, the study is dedicated to some of the plant species that are able to strongly involve our senses, while carrying out functions aimed at optimizing our state of well-being.

The international exhibition of organic and natural products will take place at the Bologna exhibition center, from 9 to 12 September 2021.

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