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Amadori: 2020 sealed with over 80 million investments

Berti: "Increasingly challenging objectives for sustainability along our entire integrated and 100% Italian supply chain"

Consolidated 2020 turnover of 1,232 million euros, slightly down on the previous year, gross operating margin of 91.6 million, equivalent to 7.4%, and shareholders' equity of nearly 285 million. These are the figures for the economic performance of the Amadori Group, in consideration of the results obtained in relation to the general context of the consumer crisis in the context of the global pandemic. 2020 was characterized by a strong acceleration in technological development, both livestock and industrial, also through operations, in support of the important investment plan for over 500 million euros, of which 80 million invested last year.

"Thanks to a solid development strategy and an ambitious investment program, we were able to face 2020 without particular consequences", declared the managing director, Francesco Berti. "Our goal is to continue to create value for the agri-food sector , rapidly guiding the Group towards increasingly challenging environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives along the entire integrated supply chain, from farms to factories, from logistics to feed mills".

The 2020 financial year was characterized by some factors that impacted the results of the entire poultry sector, with the pandemic crisis having a negative impact on consumption outside the home, only partially recovered with an increase in domestic consumption. The growth in overall production, equal to + 1.76%, was not absorbed by consumption and the unfulfilled expectations, as regards exports, led to an inevitable drop in prices. Furthermore, the increase in the costs of feed materials, which is continuing in 2021, has reduced turnover and margins for the entire sector. Despite the general picture, there was an increase in the penetration of poultry in consumption with a share of 78.5%, driven by the increasing preference for products with a high service content.

"The pandemic has caused negative repercussions on the prices of agricultural raw materials with the increase in costs up to + 22% for corn and + 26% for soybean meal", underlined Berti, "costs that impacted on the part upstream of the supply chain. If we want to defend the productive heritage of one of the excellence sectors of Made in Italy, it is necessary that all the subjects of the supply chain become aware of and undertake to face and manage this situation. The Amadori Group has taken on this commitment towards its over 800 breeders".

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