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Spain: Oleostepa launches Dop extra virgin olive oil in rPet

The novelty in the 1 liter format is intended for large national distribution

The Spanish cooperative Oleoestepa, the largest in the country in the production of quality extra virgin olive oil, has just launched the first bottle of PDO ectra-virgin olive oil made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) from other bottles. The novelty was presented in the 1 liter format for mass consumption, with the aim of responding to the needs of a consumer who is increasingly attentive to the environment. The extra virgin olive oil produced in the 18 associated mills is the result of agronomic and production techniques that respect the environment, reads a note. Now, with the new 100% rPet 1 liter bottle, Oleoestepa believes it has taken a step forward towards a totally sustainable product in substance and container.

This pioneering packaging in the quality extra virgin olive oil sector is part of the cooperative's commitment to that all its bottles are made from recycled materials, betting on giving a second life to plastic. In fact, for the production of the new 1 liter R-Pet bottle of Oleostepa it is necessary to recycle three used ones. Other formats besides the 1 liter one are currently under development, testing and validation.

For the sake of information, we specify that glass, a material generally used for bottles of olive oil, including extra virgin and quality ones, is a 100% recyclable material, and it is endlessly, Ed.

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