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Chianti wine: the positive sales trend continues

The numbers as of May 31: + 14% on 2020, + 8% on 2019

The positive sales trend of Chianti wine continues to strengthen: at 31 May the Consortium recorded a + 14% in sales compared to the same period of 2020 and + 8% over the period January-May of 2019, therefore compared to pre-Covid times. This is what emerged during the meeting of the Chianti Wine Consortium scheduled for today. Among the issues addressed by the assembly, in addition to the economic performance of the Consortium, also the need to find the balance between supply and demand and the critical issues at the level of bank credit.

“The assembly asked for a 15% reduction in the maximum production yields for the 2021 harvest to continue in this phase of rebalancing supply with demand - explains Marco Alessandro Bani, director of the Chianti Wine Consortium -. It is a choice that imposes sacrifices on the world of production, but it is hoped that it will allow the prices of bulk wine to be kept at such a level that the profitability of the part of the supply chain that produces wine destined to be sold as bulk is still guaranteed". The reduction in yields, therefore, was requested despite the positive results of the first five months of 2021. "Sales - specifies Bani - are concentrated on companies that sell in large-scale distribution while all those that are on the Horeca channel have seen zero sales". Credit is still one of the sore points. For Bani "the situation is always critical: despite the expressed willingness of all the institutions to meet companies, when we get to go into the details of the costs of banking operations or the guarantees to be provided, a wall rises and access credit becomes difficult".

The president Giovanni Busi, explained that “this year we have a warehouse slightly higher than 2019, for this reason there is the decision on the reduction of the 2021 harvest, to keep supply and demand in balance. On the other hand, there are very positive signs because we have been making a double-digit increase over the previous year for a few months. In the coming months we will see, when the Horeca channel reopens, if this increase will then be divided between large distribution and Horeca. If large retailers continue to have these sales trends then the result will be even better. There will be some nice surprises on this from September onwards”. Chianti wine is registering positive results on sales, seeing an increase in the international appeal of the product and the Consortium is looking with optimism at the reopening of the Horeca channel. “The most important issue to be debated - adds Busi - is always that of sales because the development of the denomination starts there”.

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