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Blockchain: Coricelli adopts Ibm Food Trust for traceability

To guarantee the quality of EVO oil and offer the consumer greater transparency on product certifications

Pietro Coricelli, one of the largest Umbrian oil companies in Europe and one of the most distributed brands globally, joins the IBM Food Trust project to track its own extra virgin olive oil (EVO) thanks to blockchain technology. In a sector such as that of extra virgin olive oil where it is necessary to disseminate knowledge about this precious raw material, Coricelli is the first Italian oil industry to focus on the blockchain to offer consumers maximum transparency and security on its supply chain and, at the at the same time, help them towards more informed purchases.

The Pietro Coricelli classic extra virgin olive oil (in the 1 L format) will be the first product of the company to be tracked. Through a QR Code affixed to the bottle, consumers will be able to access numerous digital and immutable contents relating to the product, such as the results of internal and external analyzes and tests conducted to certify its content.

Coricelli is working with SAS Informatica of Perugia, IBM's business partner, to track its products with IBM Food Trust, a solution based on the IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply platform. The aim of the project is to offer complete transparency and increase the confidence in the consumer who can choose an extra virgin olive oil with traced quality.

“Consumers today pay more attention to the quality and origin of extra virgin olive oil and our commitment goes precisely in the direction of offering safety and quality to our customers”, declares Chiara Coricelli, CEO of Pietro Coricelli. “In 2020 we announced the first line of supply chain routes. But we didn't stop there and we add an important new piece with the IBM Food Trust blockchain to document the quality of our products. Let's start with the best-selling and distributed product, our classic extra virgin olive oil, precisely to ensure that all our consumers can access the certified reference. We will continue to innovate while maintaining firmly the values that have distinguished the Coricelli brand for over 80 years".

"Today more than ever the traceability of food responds to the need to ensure conscious and sustainable consumption", says Stefano Rebattoni, CEO of IBM Italy. "To this is added the need, no less important for us, to guarantee the quality of Made in Italy. This is why we work alongside Italian producers with IBM Food Trust, based on blockchain technology, strengthening the chain that connects food products from the producer to the consumer. Technology, combined with the goodness of extra-virgin olive oil and Coricelli's skills, gives an edge to a quality product".

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