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Reform of the EU Ig system: summary report published

Valid comments expressed in the public consultation conducted by the EC/Annex

Initiative aimed at the revision of the Geographical Indications systems of the European Union in agricultural and food products, wines and spirits

Following the closure of the public consultation conducted by the European Commission, from 15 January 2021 to 9 April 2021 on EUSurvey, a summary document of the valid comments received was produced.

The public consultation on the EU Geographical Indications regime invited citizens and organizations, as well as national and regional authorities to contribute to the evaluation of ways to strengthen the Geographical Indications system with the aim of gathering opinions on the main problems to be addressed on the occasion. of the planned revision.

The initiative aims to strengthen the system:

  1. improving sustainable production under the schemes
  2. improving the application of the legislation
  3. empowering producer associations
  4. reducing Internet theft
  5. by better adapting the schemes to producers in all regions of the EU
  6. reviewing how traditional EU foods can be promoted and protected
  7. speeding up the registration procedures.

The position paper collects views on the challenges, policy approach, objectives and impact of the review.

For each question, respondents were given the opportunity to provide further information through a “Other, please specify” box. 144 respondents provided such comments. In addition, responses to twelve consultation questionnaires were received by email, as were ten position papers provided by different organizations. The analysis of these comments will be taken into account in the summary report of all the consultation work carried out in the framework of the revision of the EU geographical indications systems in agricultural and food products, wines and spirits.

For further details see the Summary Report attached at the bottom of this EFA News.

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