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Wine: Italy’s the first country to obtain a sustainability certificate

MP Gallinella: "An added value for the national wine production chain, leaders in the world"

"Italy will soon be the first country to obtain a system of certification of sustainability of the wine production chain. With the approval of the decree of the ministry of Agricultural policies with establishes the CoSVi (the committee of wine sustainability) starts officially the journey traced by the norm introduced by myself to the relaunch decree, which collects the work done in recent years by the entire wine supply chain", states the MP Filippo Gallinella, president of the agricultural commission of Italian Parliament and first signatory of the amendment that instituted the unitary system of certification of sustainability of the wine chain production, which utilizes the Sqnpi’s (system of national quality of integrated production) procedures. 

"Through a distinctive logo, Italian wines will be able to certify and communicate being made following specific production rules which confer importance and attention to environmental impact. An added value for the whole national wine production, leader in the world, and a relevant factor for consumers and the market, increasingly attentive to environment related topics. Consistent with the new CAP (common agricultural politic) and the main community strategies ( such as ‘Green Deal’ and ‘Farm to Fork’), we’re directing the work of agricultural businesses towards new and high qualitative standards which predict the combination of environmental sustainability, economic and social putting in first place, obviously, the quality of products".

"It’s our intention to reach soon these results in other fields too, starting from the livestock to alley. We can’t express though, satisfaction for the constitution of CoSVi which will conduct us to the approval of disciplinary production containing the good practices to follow in fields and cellars to guarantee the environment’s respect, the quality and the food’s security, the protection of employees and of citizens and an adequate agricultural reddit. To which the monitoring system and the individuation of the necessary indicators to the evaluation of sustainability of the wine production chain will be added", concludes Gallinella.

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