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Hazelnuts: AgriChile will invest USD 40 million in new plant

The project through Ferrero confirms Italy's commitment to Chile

The operation aims to double the processing capacity of hazelnuts and will consolidate the country as one of the main producers of the fruit in the world

The expansion project of AgriChile (Ferrero Group) confirms Italy's commitment to the South American country. With an investment of US $ 40 million, AgriChile has announced the installation of a new hazelnut processing plant in the Ñuble region, which will double the processing capacity of these fruits, positioning Chile as one of the world's leading producers. The project aims to increase national production to meet the demand expected for the next few years.

"In this way we try to further consolidate the sustained growth in the production and export of hazelnuts from Chile, which this season reached about 45,000 tons. Similarly, Chilean producers also continue to invest in cultivation", reads a Note.

In this regard, the general manager of AgriChile, Camillo Scocco, stated: “this important investment demonstrates Ferrero's continuous commitment to the development of the Chilean hazelnut industry. This year marks the 30th anniversary of AgriChile's presence in the country. The new plant reflects the maturity reached in the development of the cultivation of this fruit in the country, the confidence in the nation, and our interest in promoting the industry in the central-southern area, an area that has natural characteristics suited for this type of cultivation".

Construction of the plant that will be built in the Ñuble region, one of the 16 in the country, will begin at the end of 2021 and the facility is expected to be fully operational in February 2023. Once in operation, the new plant will create 40 new jobs premises permanently in the low season and 100 in the high season, with a 10% increase in AgriChile's workforce.

The process for the development of the plant will have the support and advice of InvestChile (government agency responsible for promoting Chile in the global market as a destination for foreign direct investments). In this regard, the director of the agency Andrés Rodríguez commented: “for us this investment has a high relevance, especially for the area in which it will be located. This project is a good example of our work in support of the development of agri-food, a sector in which today we manage about a hundred initiatives of foreign companies, and of the increase in reinvestments in the country. Without a doubt, it is a clear sign of the interest that exists in investing in Chile and strengthening its potential".

AgriChile is currently present in the regions of Maule, Ñuble and La Araucanía. Through its plantations, the company with its agricultural best practices supports the sustainable development of the sector. In addition to the cultivation of hazelnuts, the company has facilities for their husking and drying, as well as a structure for processing. The inclusion of this new plant will allow the development of the national hazelnut industry to continue, with the aim of positioning the country as one of the most important sources for procurement.

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