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Seda, Comieco and McDonald's agreement for sustainable packaging

The Italian fast food of the American chain will recycle the packaging at 100%

The agreement between McDonald's Italy, Comieco and Seda International Packaging Group was presented today in Rome to reduce the impact of the use of disposable packaging in the fast food restaurant sector, favoring upstream renewable, recyclable and recycled raw materials such as paper, and ensuring correct separate collection and waste management downstream.

McDonald's restaurants, also thanks to the contribution of Fise Assoambiente and Utilitalia, by the end of 2021 will be equipped to achieve 100% packaging recycling. The goal will be achieved thanks to new packaging entirely in certified and recyclable paper.

“Today we are laying the foundations for an important step forward in the implementation of the values and principles of a true circular economy. Recycling 100% of the paper packaging used in restaurants not only favors a better environmental impact, but above all it has a great social value because it is based on the involvement of the consumer who becomes an active protagonist of the circular economy and therefore an even more responsible citizen", comments Antonio D'Amato, President of Seda International Packaging Group and historic McDonald's supplier. “From the point of view of sustainability, this project also allows us to demonstrate the environmental superiority of disposable paper tableware, which it would be better to define 'use and recycle'. In fact, as demonstrated by the most authoritative scientific study conducted in Europe by Ramboll and certified by the German TUV, reusable tableware emits CO2 and fine particles 3 times higher than disposable and recycled paper packaging and involves three times the consumption of drinking water. which reaches up to 300 times more if 100% of the packaging is recycled".

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