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Lady Amarena 2021

The international competition dedicated to the women of the shaker restarts

The international competition dedicated to female mixology restarts: after a period of forced pause linked to the pandemic contingency, Lady Amarena returns, the competition created in 2015 by Fabbri 1905 to celebrate the centenary of black cherry and turn the spotlight on the talent of women in art mixing. An art put to the test in the last difficult months, which heavily penalized the out-of-home and catering sector, which in just over a year burned twice the number of jobs created between 2013 and 2019, with repercussions above all on the female occupation. The percentage of women who lost their jobs in Italy in 2020 is in fact double that of men, a figure in line with that of the rest of the world (64 million lost female jobs, according to the international labor organization).

"Also for this reason the sixth edition of the competition takes on a particular meaning of redemption, of the desire to get back on the game and share moments of joy and conviviality, common to women from all over the planet", says a press release. "Lady Amarena this year", says Nicola Fabbri, CEO of the company and creator of the competition, "clearly has a special value: the choice to restart is a strong signal to a category that has suffered particularly in recent months and that today she is called to a great test of maturity and courage. We have always been side by side with the professionals of drinking and we will continue to support them by offering products, solutions but also opportunities for visibility”.

5 continents represented for a total of 21 nations involved, from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia, passing through Brazil. The presence of Asia is particularly strong, with China, Korea, Singapore and the new entry Philippines. The numbers of the previous edition, which had already made record figures with over 4 thousand subscriptions from 9 countries, have doubled. Professionals from all corners of the globe who will put their talent and ideas on mixology into play in a phygital challenge that tells a lot about our times. The first phase of the tournament (registrations open from 5 July to 25 September), which will lead from now until the end of the year to the election of the Lady Amarena of each participating country, will in fact be totally digital: the barlady will have to upload a video recipe (3 minutes maximum), with a description of the drink, the procedure and its meaning, which will then be judged by a “desk” jury. A social component will be taken into consideration alongside the vote of the experts. The drink, cocktail or beverage, must be made with the use of at least one of Fabbri's signature products: Amarena Fabbri (fruit or syrup), Fabbri syrup MixyBar Amarena, Marendry Fabbri bitter liqueur.

The second phase of the tournament, which will take place in 2022, will instead see the holders of the national title fly to Italy, in Bologna, in a “live” shaker challenge from which the world queen of mixology will emerge. A special mention will be made for the best non-alcoholic cocktail, one of the most pervasive trends in the beverage world.

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