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Barilla e Cnw for the agriculture 4.0

The Agrosat platform on the smartphone to support farmers

The Institute of Biometeorology of the National Research Council of Florence and Foggia (Ibimet-Cnr, Bioagroalimentare-Disba Department) in collaboration with Barilla S.p.a. has created 'Agrosat': an online and free service, able to support the management of fertilization through precision farming techniques.
The first result was providing,to the cereal producers in Tuscany,Emilia-Romagna and the province of Foggia, a picture of the temporal variability of biomass and the development of maps for fertilization, through a variable rate spreaders. "For those who do not have the latest equipment, Agrosat allows you to browse the prescription maps so as to enable real-time rationalization of fertilization: a smartphone or tablet will be sufficient to monitor its position on the map and determine the release of fertilizer according to what is prescribed ", explains Piero Toscano (Ibimet-Cnr).

Map processing is possible thanks to the satellite data of the Esa Sentinel-2A and 2B platforms of the European Copernicus Earth Observation Program. Today, the first great result of the Agrosat platform has been achieved by supporting the cereal producers of the Province of Foggia and the whole of Emilia-Romagna through the provision of a detailed picture of the temporal variability of biomass in the field and the development of maps of prescription for fertilization.

Still talking about the sustainable agriculture, Barilla will also be among the Enea's industrial partners, which through the Med-Gold project is improving climate services. Funded by the European Union, this project aims in four years to develop three prototypes of climate services, each dedicated to one of the three main Mediterranean crops: olive, vineyard and durum wheat. These applications will have the ability to transform information and data related to the climate - today abundant almost as a big data - in personalized products to support decisions and a better management of agriculture. An added value for companies and society. The innovative element of Med-Gold sits in the implementation of these systems, which will take place together with the end users.
In particular, the synergy between Enea and Barilla also allow to a deeper analysis of how the distribution of durum will change all over the world, knowing that has an
influence not only on thew ceral's quality but also on the market prices.

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