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Italy has a new PGI EU product: it is the Rome Oil

Thus, the official Italian food Igs recognized by Europe/Attachments rise to 315

In the Official Journal of the European Union L 277 of 2 August 2021, the name Olio di Roma PGI was registered which, according to updated data from the Qualivita Observatory, in the Food sector is number 139 of the Italian PGIs and number 315 in total. of the Agri-food Geographical Indications of Italy. For the Food sector, Qualivita specifies in making the announcement, this is the twenty-sixth product with Geographical Indication registered in 2021 at European level and the third product for Italy; to these are added the three products registered in 2021 in non-EU countries.

Italy - PGI Rome Oil
Class 1.5. Oils and fats (butter, margarine, oil, etc.)
Reg. (EU) 2021/1261 of 26/07/2021 - OJEU L 277 of 02/08/2021

With the registration of the new PGI, Italy reaches 315 GI Food - of which 173 PDO, 139 PGI and 3 TSG - to which are added 526 wine products, for a total of 841 PDO PGI TSG designations, plus 34 GIs from Spirits for a total of 875 Geographical Indications. The Olio di Roma IGP belongs to Class 1.5. Oils and fats (butter, margarine, oil, etc.) which has 49 PDO PGI designations.

Lazio has a total of 67 PDO PGI TSG denominations - of which 31 from the Food sector and 36 from the Wine sector - also considering 3 TSGs recognized throughout the national territory, in addition to the 2 GIs for Spirits. Food sector: Lazio has 28 denominations of which 16 PDO and 12 PGI (not counting the 3 TSGs). The registered product belongs to Class 1.5. Oils and fats (butter, margarine, oil, etc.) which reaches 5 denominations.

Product description. Olio di Roma PGI extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the fruits of the Itrana, Carboncella, Moraiolo, Caninese, Salviana, Rosciola, Marina, Sirole, Maurino Pendolino, Frantoio and Leccino varieties for a minimum of 80%.

Appearance and flavor. It is an oil characterized by a color ranging from green to golden yellow. The scent is fruity of olive of varying intensity with evident notes of tomato and / or artichoke and / or almond and / or herbaceous. The taste is bitter and spicy of varying intensity which can be associated with notes of tomato and / or artichoke and / or almond and / or herbaceous.

Marketing. The product is marketed as the Olio di Roma IGP type. It is sold in containers permitted by current legislation and with a capacity not exceeding 5 liters, sealed and provided with a label.

Production area. The production area of Olio di Roma IGP extends over the entire province of Viterbo and in numerous municipalities in the province of Rieti, Rome, Frosinone, Latina, in the Lazio region.

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