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Chocolate: a trip to Europe between history, tradition and taste

The Chocolate Way: the Dossier for certification as "cultural itinerary of the European Council"

After about a year of work, the dossier was presented to the Council of Europe for the recognition of the Chocolate Way Itinerary, with the addition of a pay off to the name Chocolate Way: Ethical, Cultural And Sustainable Legacy Of Cocoa In Europe, for highlight the indissoluble bond with cocoa. The historical and cultural part was elaborated by the president of the scientific committee, Grazia Dormiente, with a well-defined temporal contextualization of the attractors present on the itinerary and with specific references to elements of material and intangible heritage that can be used thanks to Chocolate Way. Valuable contributions from the members of the scientific committee the academics: Giorgio Calabrese, Clementina Battcock , Massimo de Giuseppe , Gian Carlo di Renzo , Roberta Garibaldi, Alexis Verdù Iborra , Vincenzo Russo , Filippo Grasso .

The ethical value of cocoa production was insisted upon with the dissemination of the decalogue drawn up by the Itinerary and with the dissemination of a petition in support of it via Change.Org. Partnerships with Latin America were highlighted, through the agreement with the Iila (Italian Latin American Institute), the agreement with the Ecuadorian University of Technology and the activities of Professor Massimo De Giuseppe of the Iulm University, member of the scientific committee, in Mexico. In addition, agreements have been signed with the following partners: Caffè Storici della Grecia; Itervitis European Cultural Route; “Principi Grimaldi” hotel institute in Modica.

The internationalization of the Itinerary, as suggested by the European Institute of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, has been extended to Croatia, Switzerland, Israel and Azerbaijan. Museums and tour operators have remained the preferential target due to the approach to the development of sustainable food and wine tourism advocated by the Coe. In particular, the following institutions have applied for admission: La Fabbrica del Cioccolato foundation (museum, Switzerland); Loreto Aprutino foundation (museum, Italy); Amadria Park (hotel, Croatia); Ganja Confectionery Oisc (manufacturer, Azerbaijan); MoltoBen (tour operator, Israel); IncasTour (tour Operator, Italy). The tour operators involved in the itinerary have provided detailed publications relating to the products on sale in relation to the gastronomic theme.

Planning for the future, an annual European event is being planned for the exchange of production experiences between artisans from different countries through the involvement of Cna Brussels and Unioncamere Europa.

Among the activities towards young people, positively assessed in the submission phase of the dossier, the IULM projects and the memorandum of understanding with the Modica hotel institute were included, which will act as a pilot for agreements with similar institutions in the rest of Europe.

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