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Return Newtrition X to Anuga

The Innovation Summit for Personalized Nutrition

After last year's forced break due to the pandemic, foodRegio eV and Anuga are ready in Cologne on 12 October 2021 for the third edition of Newtrition X. The one-day innovation summit, which was already on the agenda in 2019 congress of Anuga, will be held both face-to-face and online and is aimed at decision makers in the food industry, the craft sector and commerce with a focus on innovation, business development, nutrition, health and well-being. Under the motto of "Personalized nutrition in practice" the event will focus on the practical implementation of relevant concepts for the food and beverage industry. Participants will be able to count on a varied program with nine conferences with prestigious speakers.

Peter Heshof, founding keynote speaker of trend and marketing agency Bloom, will address the issue of consumer desires in the food sector. We will talk about the main food trends and their potential with reference to personalized nutrition. On the basis of his "Model of the spirit of the times" he will explain how food trends are not the result of chance, but the result of the evolution of the spirit of the time, therefore of the predominant mentality in a society that replicates itself according to a fixed model. He believes that consumers today are convinced that they are different, unique. The demand for individual and customized solutions is therefore set to grow further. Heshof will illustrate the opportunities for companies and brands, suggesting how to turn the latest scientific findings into enticing concepts: "Even for large companies it is not easy to make customized products for millions of consumers. Yet they can give a million personalized advice on which ones are the most. suitable among existing products. Food companies should therefore collaborate with recognized experts in the field of personalized nutrition to be innovative in this area and position themselves in the most correct way".

As part of the exhibition Sergej Vdovitchenko will present the start-up "My Healthy Food". The food webshop is aimed directly at end consumers and is inspired by the principle of personalized nutrition. The platform aims to combine the benefits of functional ingredients with personalized nutrition to meet the growing demand for healthier foods. Crucial topics will be health, nutrition for athletes and weight management. Starting from an AI-assisted approach based on the individual microbiome, the Webshop will accompany the consumer on the path towards healthier food decisions. You can choose between products and recipe proposals suitable for your metabolism. In addition, customers will be able to discuss on the platform and exchange experiences in terms of "My Healthy Food".

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