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Antares Vision tracks Russian Baikalsea mineral water

System that meets the traceability criteria that will become mandatory from 1 December

Antares Vision Group supplied Baikalsea, one of the largest producers of mineral water in Russia, the traceability system that enabled it to meet the regulatory requirements required by Chestny Znak, the Russian national traceability and traceability hub managed by Crpt, the exclusive operator of the system. Furthermore, it was possible to maintain the integrity of the design and aesthetics of the water bottle, a distinctive and characterizing element for the leading products.

The traceability system was developed and integrated by Ft System, a company part of Antares Vision Group and specialized in solutions dedicated to the food and beverage sector, on the Baikal 430 water line, the company's flagship product. "We are proud of our technical traceability solution that fully preserves the aesthetics and designs of the product" said Pavel Bulgakov, general manager of Antares Vision Rus. "We have developed a customized solution: a datamatrix code printed on the label is associated with an auxiliary code printed on the bottle cap with special inks, not visible to the naked eye, but only with ultraviolet (UV) light. The auxiliary code printed on the cap it is associated with the datamatrix printed on the label, and mandatory for serialization, thus allowing to aggregate the serialized product inserted in the package and trace it along the entire supply chain. A real success considering the completely preserved aesthetics of the product and operating costs for each bottle 10 times less than the most common alternative, which is the application of an adhesive with datamatrix on the cap. The low number of rejects achieved is now also a reference for the market, an unprecedented result".

The Russian company participated in the pilot project launched by the government. This phase began on September 1, 2021 with the registration of participants in the Chestny Znak system. From 1 December 2021, the tracing of mineral water will become mandatory and from 1 March 2022 all other types of drinking water. Baikalsea is the first company that completed the serialization process (printing the unique code on the label).

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