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Carrefour Italia reorganizes itself and focuses on franchising

Over 100 supermarkets (out of 1,450) will be entrusted to licensed entrepreneurs

The fears, after the Auchan affair, were strong, but Carrefour Italia announced its intention not to leave Italy and, on the contrary, relaunch with a transformation plan aimed at strengthening its growth, consolidating the franchising model on the sales network. The declared objective is to improve the competitiveness of hypermarkets and direct supermarkets and streamline its internal organization, with the aim of concentrating on activities at the service of the points of sale.

The cornerstone of the plan is the increase in franchised outlets. "The franchising model - explains a note - developed by Carrefour in Italy already has a proven success story: in 2021 alone, over 34 workers switched from employees to entrepreneurs. This number will rise to over 50 by the end of 2021. By the end of 2021. By the end of 2021. Another 25 workers will take over as franchisees in the first quarter of 2022. As part of this strategy, Carrefour Italy will invest heavily in new services, including consultancy and training, for Carrefour entrepreneurs.

According to the company, "the expansion of the franchising network will create new employment opportunities and the transition of the points of sale from direct to franchising will have no employment impact for the transferred employees voluntary basis, which may include training and retraining of personnel to facilitate internal and external relocation, support programs for entrepreneurship and redundancy incentives. The impact on employment is estimated at around 600 collaborators employed in direct sales outlets , distributed throughout the national territory, and about 170 people employed at the headquarters".

Italy is one of the most important markets for Carrefour, with a 2020 turnover of € 4.66 billion (2020), with over 1,450 points of sale in 18 regions, employing over 15,000 collaborators.

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