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Expo Dubai: Italy as a world model for sustainable agri-food

Filiera Italia: "Integrated and sustainable production system for the global food challenge"

At the Innovation talk of Expo Dubai 2020, the meeting dedicated to the themes of innovation and sustainability held on tuesday, november 9, the managing director of Filiera Italia Luigi Scordamaglia talked about the new objectives and purpose of the Italian agri-food sector.

The uniqueness of Italian products has rewarded the market with the european record of the highest food added value. In addition to the reduction of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, Scordamaglia also stressed the country’s commitment to reducing agricultural Co2 emissions, now equal to 30 million tons against the 60 of Germany or 77 of France.

The production model aimed at sustainability chosen by Italy has made these results possible. Model that not only allows to produce more, but also with higher quality, and without impacting on the environment. Italy, in the absence of real multinationals in the sector, has chosen the approach of the integrated supply chain, that is the model of the "widespread multinational", understood as thousands of small companies that collaborate with each other, and where the big company is only the leading partner.

Filiera Italia, it is recalled, is the initiative that saw the union of the world of agriculture to that of the food industry, with the aim of promoting supply chain contracts between farms and processing companies, and defending the interests of the made in Italy agri-food in Europe. This, after having announced at Expo 2015 that it wants to bring agri-food exports to 50 billion Euro, is now ready to double the target after the pandemic.

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