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Pasta increases in Austria

Large domestic producers announce price increases

The large Austrian pasta producers (such as Recheis and Wolf) report that an upcoming increase in the prices of their products in the order of 10/15% is inevitable, mainly due to the increase in energy and raw material costs. In fact, on the international market they specify there is a great shortage of durum wheat, which has caused its price to rise significantly. And even if Austrian producers not wanting to depend on foreign suppliers buy durum wheat exclusively in Austria, they still suffer from it.

The country's annual per capita consumption of pasta, which had already risen sharply at the start of the pandemic in 2020, has reached 6 kilos a year. These are numbers, even if far from those recorded in Italy, where according to what Ice writes today on Der Standard source, per capita consumption per year is around 23 kilos.

The leader of the sector on the Austrian market with a market share of around 33% is the Tyrolean company Recheis, which annually produces 18,000 tons of pasta, employs 100 people and has a turnover of 35 million euros. In second position - still writes Ice - is the Italian producer Barilla with a market share of around 20%. Wolf is in third position with an annual turnover of 14 million euros.

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